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Frequently Asked Questions

Only plan to complete your collection early in the work week and be sure to ship your pack within 24 hours of collection to ensure specimens are viable.

If you order a Shipment Plan form Meddialab.nl, collections are only planned on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Some collection packs contain materials that expire (date is printed on the box label). Plan to collect specimens and return your pack well before the expiration date.

Always talk with your healthcare provider about any prescription or over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements you take before performing diagnostic testing.

There may be times when your healthcare provider prefers that you stay on a medication or dietary supplement during testing in order to evaluate its effectiveness. The recommendation to discontinue any substance is intended to establish a baseline finding. Genova never recommends that patients discontinue medically necessary medications or supplements in order to complete testing.

Most result reports will be available 7-17 days after being received by our lab. You will receive an email when results are available and can access them online.

Be sure to schedule time with your healthcare provider to review your results and create a health plan.

Included in our price: taxes + shipping of the test kit to any address in the Netherlands or Belgium.

For 1-day deliveries from your home to our laboratories in the US, we have an additional Shipment Plan available.
However, please feel free to select your own carrier. Shipping instructions are included in the box.

We strongly advice you to contact your health care professional. We are not aware of your medical conditions, medical dossier, medicine use or lifestyle.

Based upon the results from our reports your health care professional should be able to help you with a health plan which you can implement in your daily life.